Gmork is a wolf-like creature and a servant of The Nothing. He is a villain in Fantasia.

Movie Edit

In the movie, Gmork is not in chains and says no word about the manipulators, but tells Atreyu that the Nothing would be the emptiness that would remain because people stop to believe into phantasy. He tells the boy that he has to kill someone named Atreyu and when he reveals that he's Atreyu, Gmork attacks him.The werewolf gets impaled by a knife in Atreyu's hand.

Novel Edit

In the book, Gmork's knowledge of Fantasia is given by the the Manipulators the power behind the Nothing. His primary mission is kill Atreyu, however he never does it. He never catches up Atreyu that escapes in Swaps of Sadness using Ygramul poison and that only meets him when he's taken in chains by Gaya, princess of darkness, (reminiscent to Nordic mithology) who wanted to keep Gmork from helping the Nothing to succeed. Gmork tells Atreyu that she would be the only one who could free him, but she commited suicide by jumping into the Nothing. He further tells him that if a being of Fantasia would jump into the Nothing, he wold come to the human world, but as lie. And the lies would give power to control humans. Gmork dies, but his body bites Atreyu's foot and ironically keeps him from jumping into the Nothing. However, Atreyu was saved by Fuchur.